20220810 Cust. NAM Karbon Calendar Integration
20220810 Cust. NAM Karbon Calendar Integration
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How to make the most of your time using Karbon’s calendar integration

Karbon's integration with Google and Outlook calendars is more than just a calendar integration. Learn how it will transform how you manage your time.


This is more than a calendar integration. It’s a new way of planning your time.

My Week in Karbon is how you calm the chaos of your workload. It provides you with a coordinated but flexible plan for how to spend your time. It’s designed just for you.

And now, it integrates directly with your calendar.

In this introductory webinar designed especially for those who want to learn more about Karbon, you’ll discover:

  • A live demonstration of how to connect and use the calendar integration

  • How the calendar integration allows you to stay focused, without needing to context-switch just to manage your time

  • Best practices for using My Week and calendar help you organize work into manageable actions plans using the drag and drop feature

  • How using calendar in Karbon can save you time and provide visibility across your schedule

If you can’t attend live, register to receive the recording.

Meet the speaker
  • Jake Lyman
    Jake LymanAccount Executive — Team Lead, Karbon

    Jake is passionate about helping guide teams toward more scalable and efficient processes through applying automation where it makes sense. If we give time back to your team, they can use it on things they value most.