Business advisory in the age of COVID-19 and beyond


COVID-19 has disrupted every industry across the globe, and business owners are turning to their accountants to guide them through the challenges they face.

From payroll protection to SBA loans, future planning, budgeting, and forecasting, being an advisor to your clients is more important and more valuable today than ever before.

In this video, Matt Solomon and Mike Celada from Center for Enlightened Business explore what your firm can be doing to assist more clients and grow your firm through this crisis. Drawing on what they have learned working with more than 10,000 accountants, they share how other firms are serving their clients during hard times, and how you can position your firm to bring in high-profit work as the "advisor for a lifetime".

You'll learn:

  • How to ensure your clients see and pay you like a true value-based advisor

  • The 7 stages of getting paid your value, and what you need to do to move up the stages to high profit, premium fee monthly work

  • The major key learnings from helping over 10,000 accountants shape their ideal client base

  • Real case studies showing what other firms are doing during COVID-19

  • How you can position your firm to continue a high-profit relationship long term

  • Where to find the clients who will pay premium fees during a time of crisis

  • Why CAS solutions are not the true answer to anyone's big problems

This video outlines a proven system for bringing in premium clients during a global pandemic and beyond.