10 essential Zapier automations to build in your accounting firm

Heather SatterleyFounder, Satterley Training & Consulting, LLC
Heather Satterley

Learn how Zapier can automate your accounting firm's processes by connecting your favorite apps with custom integrations. Discover the simplest way to create powerful automations that will save you hours and streamline your most important data.

In this hands-on video, accountant and Zapier expert Heather Satterley outlines the essentials of using Zapier in your accounting firm. Heather walks through how to create the 10 automations every accounting firm should be using.

Watch to learn:

  • The basics of Zapier and how to get started

  • The most common accounting firm apps that can be streamlined with Zapier

  • 10 essential automations to create in Zapier that will save you hours each week

  • How to synchronize data between common tools including Typeform, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Slack, Ignition, Karbon and more

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Heather Satterley
Founder, Satterley Training & Consulting, LLC

Heather is an an accountant, technology expert and problem solver. She has experience working at firms of all sizes, where she always used technology to transform her workflow and processes. As she found solutions that made life easier for herself, her clients,and new employees, her business grew. Today, she focuses on helping other firms drive these same efficiencies with technology.

Heather Satterley