Using Karbon to work with clients remotely.png
Using Karbon to work with clients remotely.png
This event is closed.
This event is closed.

Automating your workflow in Karbon

Learn how you can use Karbon to automate those repetitive, low-value tasks, so you can focus on growing your accounting firm and providing real value to your clients.


Karbon is jam-packed with features and functionality designed to automate common, time-consuming tasks so that your team can provide a higher quality service to clients.

In this webinar you’ll discover exactly how you can achieve this. Jake will walk through several common processes from start to finish. You’ll discover how you can use Karbon to do the work for you, provide an accurate reflection of where your workflow is up to, and keep everyone on your team on the same page.

Register to learn how you can:

  • Create Automators to trigger updates to statuses, due dates and assignees of any work item or task

  • Standardize your processes with super-powered Templates

  • Bring clients into your workflow using Client Tasks

  • Use Auto-Reminders to handle the entire client chase for you

  • Schedule recurring work creation for your clients

  • Create customized dashboards to get a visual snapshot of workflows across your team

In one session, get an insight into some of the most powerful ways you can automate more low-value admin tasks, using real-life examples and processes you carry out in your firm daily.

If you cannot attend at this time, register to receive a recording.

Meet the speaker
  • Jake Lyman
    Jake LymanAccount Executive — Team Lead, Karbon

    Jake is passionate about helping guide teams toward more scalable and efficient processes through applying automation where it makes sense. If we give time back to your team, they can use it on things they value most.