Mastering your firm’s process management


Every recurring task or job carried out in your firm has a method and order to it. A process that needs to be documented and evaluated regularly to keep your firm running efficiently, and keep everyone aligned to the same goals.

These standard operating procedures are the backbone of your service delivery and impact profit and your ability to scale. Getting them right is critical.

In this best practices video, Ian Vacin outlines everything you need to know about building, personalizing and implementing processes for your firm’s most common services.


  • How to identify the top processes to fix via time studies and process variation

  • The 10 steps to process improvement

  • The art of cataloging and documenting processes

  • Real-life examples of process reimagining

  • How to access Karbon's in-depth library of purpose-built templates

  • Steps to personalize templates to suit your unique workflows, team and clients