The practice owner's withdrawal journey: Your 7-step pathway from frantic to freedom

Jamie JohnsCEO & Co-Founder, Sky Accountants
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As your firm grows, so does your responsibility. And this can trap you like a prisoner in your own business.

The Wize Mentoring's Withdrawal Journey is designed to help you set up your firm so it runs without you and provides you with a passive income.

In this video, Jamie Johns shares the 7 steps that saw him go from 80+ hours per week to just 7 hours per week working on his own firm, Sky Accountants.

You'll learn:

  • The divisions and activities you should withdraw from and when

  • How to structure your firm to ensure a smooth transition

  • The strong foundations that will support the transition

  • How to build the right team and strike an optimal balance of roles

Jamie Johns
CEO & Co-Founder, Sky Accountants

Jamie Johns is the CEO & Founder of Sky Accountants, an Australian accounting firm serving business and individual clients. He also co-founded Wize Mentoring, along with Ed Chan and Brenton Ward. Through Wize Mentoring, Jamie and his team provide personal development and business mentoring services to help accounting practice owners scale and grow sustainably. A people-person at heart, Jamie spends his time connecting with people whether it’s at work or in his personal free time in order to help them achieve their goals.

Jamie Johns Headshot

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