Developing a 10-year growth plan for your accounting firm


Is your firm working for you, or are you working for it? Are you structured to scale? Does your team include all vital functions required to flourish? Are you working with the most profitable clients? And what return on capital do you require in the next 10 years to build a business that provides your ideal passive income?

No matter how smooth your firm is operating, there is always room to finetune your business model, grow your bottom line further, and ultimately detach yourself from the day-to-day while still earning an income.

In this video, Richard Snell is joined by Ed Chan from Chan & Naylor and WIZE Mentoring to discuss how you can develop a 10-year accounting firm growth plan. Ed shares the steps every firm owner should take when planning for the future, what to consider, and recommendations that will help you enjoy constant improvement.

You'll learn:

  • What your 10-year growth plan needs to include

  • What to consider in the core areas that will impact your growth

  • Ed's top recommendations to enjoy constant improvement

  • How to identify the return on capital you require to build a business that provides your ideal passive income