Accountants vs. climate change: Make a difference and a profit


Accountants are uniquely positioned to take action against climate change.

Modern consumers are increasingly more receptive to environmentally-oriented businesses. In fact, they not only appreciate it, but expect it.

In this video, Cooper Wechkin and Hannah Moskowitz from environmental consultancy, RyeStrategy, delve into the very specific and powerful role accountants play in driving the change needed for a greener tomorrow.

Along with Karbon’s Ian Vacin, they explore:

  • The outsized impact to climate change being created by corporations

  • The legal impetus for action through changing regulations and a new, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)-oriented landscape

  • Why accountants are uniquely positioned to make a vital difference (and add to their service offering)

  • How you can offer carbon neutrality advisory at your firm using the Carbon Neutrality Advisory template by RyeStrategy and Karbon