20220127 How to manage your sales process in Karbon
20220127 How to manage your sales process in Karbon
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How to manage your sales process in Karbon

Learn how to navigate your client portfolio and sales process to best serve your ideal clients.


Discover how you can manage your entire client acquisition and sales process in Karbon. From managing leads at the top of your funnel to onboarding new clients, Scott will share the best practices being used by other Karbon customers.

Learn how you can:

  • Automate your sales process from lead collection to service delivery

  • Document your sales process in a Karbon template

  • Logically organize leads, prospects and clients

  • Integrate Karbon with GoProposal or Practice Ignition to automate proposals and work creation

  • Use Client Tasks to automatically collect information from new clients

By following the steps outlined in this session, you’ll learn how to set up a simple but powerful sales process that allows your team to spend less time on admin, and more time finding and servicing your ideal clients.

Meet the speaker
  • Scott Gerdzunas
    Scott GerdzunasSenior Account Executive, Karbon

    Scott’s #1 priority is to help practices like yours grow and, more importantly, scale, with the enhanced visibility, standardization, collaboration and automation that Karbon offers its users. During his tenure at Karbon thus far, he’s helped hundreds of practices transition onto Karbon to achieve greater productivity and profitability.