Webinar 20220216 Email Insights
Webinar 20220216 Email Insights
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Karbon WebinarThis event is closed.

Tracking KPIs for your remote team with Karbon

Learn how to set and track KPIs for your distributed team with an in-depth preview of KPI tracking in Karbon.


Are your remote staff meeting expectations? Do they understand and contribute equally to your firm's objectives? Are they meeting their personal goals? What issues need to be addressed urgently?

In this webinar, Scott will explore how you can set and track KPIs for your distributed team using Karbon. With this knowledge, you will gain a clear understanding of how your remote team stacks up against your expectations. It'll help you know if these expectations are realistic, and/ or if your remote team requires a more hands-on approach from you.

Register to discover:

  • Common KPIs that other Karbon customers are tracking

  • Methods to track these KPIs in Karbon

  • How to communicate these effectively across a remote team

If you cannot attend at this time, register to receive a recording.

Meet the speaker
  • Scott Gerdzunas
    Scott GerdzunasSenior Account Executive, Karbon

    Scott’s #1 priority is to help practices like yours grow and, more importantly, scale, with the enhanced visibility, standardization, collaboration and automation that Karbon offers its users. During his tenure at Karbon thus far, he’s helped hundreds of practices transition onto Karbon to achieve greater productivity and profitability.