The 3 roles crucial to your firm's structure

Ed Chan

A well-structured accounting business needs three things—or more specifically, three types of people: finders, minders and grinders.

In this video, Ed Chan from Chan & Naylor and WIZE Mentoring discusses why finders, minders and grinders are crucial to your firm's long-term success. Based on his experience growing his firm to 150 staff across 12 offices, Ed shares his blueprint for an effective team, which has these 3 positions as its backbone.


  • What finders, minders and grinders are

  • The type of person that fits each role

  • How finders, minders and grinders fit into your overall team structure

  • What the ideal balance of finders, minders and grinders looks like

  • How to hire for each role

  • The outcome of structuring your team upon these 3 roles

To learn more from Ed Chan, download the free playbook: The Accountant's 20-Hour Workweek from WIZE Mentoring.

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