2020 Practice Excellence Report

An analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and performance of 700+ accounting firms across the globe. See how your firm compares.

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Karbon's Practice Excellence Assessment identifies the specific areas an accounting firm excels at, what it needs to work on, and how it is performing on average against other firms. It equips firm owners with a personalized action plan to focus efforts and improve.

700 accounting firms from around the world have taken part to date. Revealed in this report are the averages of these firms — broken down by region, size, business tenure, and more — along with an in-depth analysis of the most interesting findings.

With this report you can compare your own firm with others around the world, improve your shortcomings, and ensure your firm can always turn a crisis into an opportunity.

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  • The common stages of growth when unique challenges emerge

  • The best areas to focus on depending on where your firm is today

  • The specific initiatives that are under-utilized by the average firm, but have a big impact

  • Where your firm sits on the Karbon Magic Quadrant

  • The most common technology solutions, reporting metrics, growth initiatives, and management techniques used

  • Much more

The 2020 Practice Excellence Report is a roadmap to help any accounting firm improve, overcome challenges, grow, and be prepared for the future.

Take the free Practice Excellence Assessment to see how your firm compares to the firms featured in this report.