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A preview of the 'Developing New Processes' templateDeveloping New ProcessesAssess & setup3 AutomatorsDetermine the process to focus on, discuss with the team, and agree on successCompletedDesign & model6 AutomatorsMap out the “As-Is” process (& variants) — www.lucidchart.comCompletedDetermine where process improvement exists (discuss variants and review for inefficiencies)CompletedDiscuss variants and why they existCompletedReview all steps for inefficienciesCompletedCreate a “To-Be” process with a subteamReady To StartDue Today

This is Karbon's best practice process for building additional processes for your accounting practice.

Follow the template's steps and various instructions to understand, re-imagine, build and implement a new process in your firm and within Karbon.

The start date is the date the Operations Manager plans to determine the starting point for the process improvement initiative, and the due date is 30 days later.

Learn more about reviewing and improving your process management and how to build consistent processes in Karbon.

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