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Business Activity Statement (Unmanaged)


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A preview of the 'Business Activity Statement (Unmanaged)' templateBusiness Activity Statement (Unmanaged)CLIENT TASKSReady to start your BAS1 AutomatorPlease confirm your accounting file has been reconciled and up-to-date. Mark this task as complete to confirm.CompletedProcess periodic activity statement4 AutomatorsComplete the Activity Statement prep in your preferred accounting software — — https://qbo.intCompletedCheck bank reconciliation is reconciled up to the end of the quarterCompletedRun GST report and/or calculate PAYG returnCompletedPrepare the Activity StatementCompletedReconcile the PAYG and/or GST returnReady To StartDue Today

A best practice checklist for the Australian Government's COVID-19 Business Activity Statement (Non-Managed) process. This template is part of the Karbon COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit.

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