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A preview of the 'JobSeeker Payment Assistance' templateJobSeeker Payment AssistanceCLIENT TASKSDirections to obtain individual COVID-19 assistance for JobSeeker Payment1 AutomatorStep 1: Check what you can get from government COVID-19 relief assistance (see desciption)CompletedStep 2: Register your intention to claim — 3: Track and finalise your claim — — and provide due date of first report (as a comment on thCompletedFollow-up3 AutomatorsSend the client task reminder sequence below to keep client on task for their fortnightly reportsCompletedCLIENT TASKSReminder: Don't forget to submit your fortnightly report

A best practice checklist for the Australian Government's COVID-19 JobSeeker Payment Assistance process. This template is part of the Karbon COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit.

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