How surviving cancer changed my accounting practice


What would happen to your firm if you suddenly couldn't be around? What would happen to your clients, staff and the future of your accounting practice?

These are questions Greg Tuckwell from ZeroBooks had to face when he was diagnosed with cancer last year. Thankfully, he responded to treatment well, and remarkably, he was able to grow his practice during the time he was unable to work anywhere near his full capacity.

In this Karbon conversation, Steph Hinds find out what Greg did differently in a time when so many other firms would have failed. Greg discusses the scalable and global business model he set up, how he automated his practice, and the way he gave his team the autonomy to continue striving forward.

This is an inspiring and essential video for all practice owners. You'll learn why you must cancer-proof your own business, and exactly how you should go about it.

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