Staff is the #1 challenge for accounting firms to grow — Event

Staff is the 1 challenge for accounting firms to grow

Yes, it sounds ridiculous.

But that is what the majority of Australian accountants we surveyed^ told us.

In June 2015, we asked the question “What do you think is the biggest challenge hindering your practice's growth?” and 75% of you said, in one way or another, staff.

From “poor quality staff”, to “lack of enthusiasm” all the way to “inability to retain the good ones” and “attitude of the existing staff focusing too much on compliance only” it looks like partners and managers might have a clear idea on how to deliver value to their clients, but not so much on how to extract that value from their team.

Therefore, we have teamed up with ChangeGPS, to bring all Australian accounting firms the chance to have a live and interactive 90-minute session with Trevor and Wayne to understand not only what you could be doing differently, but most importantly, how you could be doing it. In other words, How to build an A-Team.

During the last week of September, Trevor Denford and Wayne Schmidt will be travelling around the East Coast of Australia to share with partners and managers:

  • How you can have a firm with a purpose that gets the right people

  • How to attract good, quality talent

  • How to retain that talent

  • How to manage and restructure your team to deliver the services your clients need and want For each one of these areas you’ll learn at least 3 new strategies to implement (not just theory, but actual ways to execute!)

Better yet: it will not be just them talking (even though they both do love a stage!); in each city we will have 3 other partners that will share with you what they have changed when it comes to staff and how it has impacted their practice’s growth.

There are only a handful of tickets available per event, so be quick!

The content delivered in this session will only be made available to attendees. Dates below:


  • Lunch session: 29 September, 12.30pm — Docklands, Melbourne. 

New South Wales

  • Lunch session: 30 September, 12.30pm — CBD, Sydney. 


  • Lunch session: 1 October, 12.30pm — CBD, Brisbane. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

^ Survey conducted to 145 accounting firms in Australia. June 2015