New client acquisition

When you gain a new client there are papers to sign, meetings to schedule, data to file. This template will ensure that every step is checked off.


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When your practice gains a new client, there's a flurry of activity that needs to happen. Papers to sign, meetings to schedule, data to file. Xcelarate Business Solutions store this process as a template in Karbon. Every time they acquire a new client, they create a new piece of work from this template to ensure everything is checked off. 

To document this template, Xcelerate used process mapping to transfer their knowledge and get it down into a format that can be replicated across the team. You can read about how they did this, and find out how it is helping them to eliminate roadblocks as they scale, in Jessica's article here.

Jessica Daley started Xcelerate Business Solutions, an offsite accounting firm, when her family needed to raise $10,000 for an adoption. She soon found herself managing too many clients on her own, and began to hire dedicated stay-at-home moms to join her efforts. As a 2016 Firm of the Future Runner Up, you can find her enjoying the business one minute, and being present with her family the next.