Enable your firm to work remotely

A lot has changed in the last few weeks. Every firm is facing new challenges transitioning to a remote workforce.

To help you adapt in these uncertain times, we are making some changes.

We are expanding our free and paid services to help your team transition to Karbon in the shortest time possible. And user-minimums on all our plans have been removed to make Karbon’s work management platform available to any firm that needs it, regardless of size.

All our plans are available on a no-commitment monthly basis so there is no lock-in if your circumstances change.

Unite your distributed team with a virtual place to work together now and when you move back into your office you can decide to keep it or return to whatever worked before.

We know that this is a challenging time and we will do everything we can to help every accounting firm maintain business-as-usual.

Stuart McLeod
CEO & Co-Founder