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Download your free Year-End Review template to personalize and use in your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

A preview of the 'Year-End Review' templateYear-End ReviewKick-off year-end review (step 1)2 AutomatorsReview, update and send the initial client task belowCompletedCLIENT TASKSProvide the following details for this year's financial statements4 AutomatorsUpload your year-end bank and credit card statementsCompletedUpload your year-end loan statementsCompletedKick-off year-end review (step 2)8 Automators

This is the Karbon best practice process for year-end reviews for Australian-basesd clients. It assumes month-end close work has been completed previously, and doesn't include the completion of any tax work.

If partnering with a CPA/CA to manage year-end with business tax work, use the additional section at the end to manage that interaction. If not (or if you're doing it internally), remove the last section from the template and add an automator to the last section to mark the work completed once the tasks in the section are completed.

The start date is the 1st of the new fiscal year and the due date is the 15th of the month. The work assignee is the Admin.

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