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Work-In-Progress (WIP)

Monitor your work-in-progress (WIP) and identify work to be billed or completed.

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This workbook helps you answer these questions about your firm:

  1. What is the current WIP?
  2. How has the WIP changed over time?
  3. How does the WIP breakdown by client, client owner, client manager, and work?
  4. Who does the firm need to invoice?
  5. Who does the firm need to complete work for?

About the WIP workbook

For customers in the Billing and Payments beta, the WIP workbook is now live.

The WIP workbook allows you to understand your firm’s work-in-progress (WIP). It also provides important historical data so you can see how your WIP has changed over time, identify your WIP on any given day, and who you need to bill or complete work for.

You can filter your WIP by fee type, client manager, client, and work type to find the highest-value work to complete and quickly identify clients to bill.

Since all workbooks are directly linked to Karbon, you can work seamlessly without any disruptions to your workflow.

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