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Download your free Trademark Filing template to personalize and use in your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

A preview of the 'Trademark Filing' templateTrademark FilingKick-off2 AutomatorsUpdate and send client task to capture trademark detailsCompletedCLIENT TASKSDetails needed for trademark submission3 AutomatorsWhat is the full name of the owner of the trademark?CompletedIf a company, what type of entity is it (C Corp) and where was the state or country of incorporation (e.g. Delaware)?CompletedWhat is the street address of the entity or individual?CompletedWhat type of trademark(s) are you applying for (i.e. standard characters, special form, and/or sound mark)?CompletedFor the trademark(s) requested, provide the necessary text, artwork or sound mark.Ready To StartDue Today

This template is the Karbon best practice process to submit a trademark for a client.

It includes Client Tasks to collect initial information from your clients for submission, plus Automators to assign work between roles across your firm.

The work start date is today's date and the due date is five days later.

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