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A preview of the 'Statutory Accounts & Corporation Tax' templateStatutory Accounts & Corporation TaxPre Year End - Setup work & send pre year end meeting request3 AutomatorsEnsure the work item is set up appropriately and send a request to the client to book a pre year end meetingCompletedCLIENT TASKSPlease book in your pre year end meeting5 AutomatorsPlease book your pre year end meeting using this link - https://CompletedPre Year End - Meeting and follow up7 AutomatorsFollow the team pre-year end agenda found in Clarity, then update this work to align with the dates agreed and scheduCompleted

This template has been produced in partnership with Clarity. It provides a best practice template for annual accounts (financial statements and company tax filing).

The statuses in this template follow the standard Karbon statuses, but can be updated as appropriate. For example:

Template statuses:

  • Kick-off / Setup
  • Waiting for client
  • Waiting
  • Waiting for info
  • Prep
  • Waiting for client
  • Prep
  • Review
  • Assemble
  • Advise
  • Wait for signature
  • File
  • Completed

Possible alternative statuses:

  • Pre YE meet
  • Pre YE meet complete
  • Waiting for info
  • Before call
  • Waiting for info
  • Initial prep
  • During call
  • Final prep
  • Review
  • Revise
  • After call
  • Post YE meet
  • Wait for Signature
  • File
  • Completed

There are two roles in this work template: Accountant and Reviewer. The overall ownership of the work changes as the work progresses between the roles involved.

The template includes best practice automation to ensure it is clear:

  • Which tasks are ready to be worked on (i.e. task status)
  • What the status of work is at any time (so you can get real-time work dashboards)
  • Who is responsible for the work and tasks
  • The priority of work and tasks

The start date for the work is 3 months prior to the client's year end. The initial work assignee is the Accountant.

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