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A preview of the 'R&D Tax Credit' templateR&D Tax CreditReady to Start2 AutomatorsUpdate and send the client task below to set up a discovery meetingCompletedCLIENT TASKSR&D tax credit opportunity3 AutomatorsSchedule your R&D credit kick-off meeting at: www.calendly.com/youraccountCompletedInitial Discovery (step 1: Client & Project Discovery)7 AutomatorsSchedule/confirm R&D initial tax discovery meeting with clientCompleted

This template is designed to help you complete a R&D tax credit calculation and formsset.

It begins with the start date as the date of initial outreach and the due date 28 days later.

This is the process to complete a R&D tax credit calculation and forms which includes:

  • Discovery
  • Fact finding
  • Calculations
  • Substantiation
  • Checks & reviews
  • Form prep
  • Submission

This template does not include report generation. This process is for new clients only. If needed for existing clients, duplicate the work template and remove the first few sections that are for evaluation and to secure the engagement letter.

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