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A preview of the 'Form 940 Filing' templateForm 940 FilingReady to start2 AutomatorsEnsure QBO file is complete for prior year — AutomatorsReview employee received wages and ensure all info is on fileCompletedGo through and make a list of employees that received wages in the prior yearCompletedEnsure there is no change in tax information from last year and/or request new form W-9 if there is no form on file oCompletedEnsure we have the following information on file: Payer's phone number, all vendor's email addressesCompletedPrep

Form 940 is the Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return, which US business owners with employees must submit annually to the IRS. This is the template San Fransisco practice, Mayfield Accounting, use to prepare and file the form for their clients.

Mayfield Accounting is a female-owned firm founded by accountants who were once small business owners themselves. Located in San Francisco, they have firsthand knowledge of the challenges entrepreneurship brings, and the challenges unique to women in business. They’re striving to improve the performance of businesswomen, so they may, in turn, change the world.

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