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Performance Appraisal (Manager Assessment)


Download your free Performance Appraisal (Manager Assessment) template to personalize and use in your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

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Both managers and employees need the opportunity to prepare for a review meeting. This template will help you manage the meeting and keep focused on what is important.

Without structure, a performance review meeting might yield information, but is less likely to achieve agreed outcomes. This template is for managers and supervisors.

Before using, insert the measurable areas which are outlined in the staff member’s position description. You’ll then have the opportunity to review:

  • Training/CPE point requirements
  • The purpose of the job
  • Whether the staff member displays the right behavioral competencies/values
  • Whether the staff member is meeting the key result areas

All of these things should be part of your staff member’s position description. Without having those items documented, it is very hard to have a review with a staff member.

Additionally, the template provides:

  • An opportunity to have a discussion about how the business is going
  • Uncover issues, challenges or roadblocks the staff member is experiencing
  • Uncover any client issues or concerns not yet discussed
  • Re-set goals and key performance measures.