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A preview of the 'PAYE Setup' templatePAYE SetupReady to Start2 AutomatorsReview, update and send the client task below to collect the necessary PAYE setup informationCompletedCLIENT TASKSInformation needed to complete your PAYE setup4 AutomatorsProvide the necessary details to complete your PAYE setup (see description)CompletedPrep7 AutomatorsRegister the employer with HMRC —

This is the best practice process for setting up PAYE for your clients.

The start date is the date the work begins (e.g. today) and the due date is 14 days later. The work assignee is the Payroll Specialist.

Review the PAYE set up guidelines.


  • You must register before the first payday
  • It can take up to 5 working days to get the employer PAYE reference number
  • You cannot register more than two months before the employer starts paying people

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