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Download your free PAYE Registration template to personalize and use in your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

A preview of the 'PAYE Registration' templatePAYE RegistrationRegister client1 AutomatorComplete registration - TASKSPlease provide us with your PAYE Reference and Accounts Office Reference Numbers5 AutomatorsPlease comment here with your PAYE Reference and Accounts Office Reference numbersCompletedFollow up8 AutomatorsComplete 64-8 authorisation work item (create one if it does not already exist)Completed

This template is designed for process of completing PAYE registrations.

It includes best practice automation to ensure clarity around:

  • Which tasks are ready to be worked on (i.e. task status)
  • What the status of work is at any time (so you can get real-time work dashboards)
  • Who is responsible for the work and tasks
  • The priority of work and tasks

The work goes through the stages:

  • Prep
  • Waiting for Client
  • Follow-up
  • Completed

The roles involved in completing the work are: Payroll Specialist.

Work stages and roles are both customisable.

The start date for the work is the date first required (i.e. date of signed engagement). The due date of the work is 5 days later. The initial work assignee is the Payroll Specialist.

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