Onboarding a New Team Member


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When someone new joins your team there's a lot to consider and learn—for them, and for you. To help your new employee quickly learn the way you do things, it helps to lay out the steps that they'll need to tick off. And because every member of your team needs to be across many of the same things, this is a great process that can be repeated with each new staff member

This is the employee onboarding process used by Two Roads. These detailed steps cover everything their new hires need to cover—including systems, training, introductions, and reviews.

Two Roads are a bookkeeping and tax company based in Knoxville, Tennessee. They believe their greatest asset is their team so they're pretty picky about who works with them. Led by President, Adam Slack, they're incredibly passionate about creating a culture where team members thrive, serve their partners and pursue their passions. And all this begins in their employee onboarding process.

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