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Not-For-Profit Tax Return (Form 990)


Download your free Not-For-Profit Tax Return (Form 990) template to personalize and use in your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

A preview of the 'Not-For-Profit Tax Return (Form 990)' templateNot-For-Profit Tax Return (Form 990)Extension (available if needed; skip otherwise)1 AutomatorFile an extension (available here if needed at any time during the process)CompletedReady to Start3 AutomatorsEnsure the business tax return is ready to be worked on (and move into production with the Preparer)CompletedReceive the signed engagement letter (and other client documents)CompletedConfirm access to the client's financialsCompletedConfirm completion of the year-end review workCompletedPreparation

Use this is the work template to manage your not-for-profit tax return (form 990) processes.

When creating this template, be sure to select the work type for the appropriate form (e.g. Tax: 990). There are four roles in this work template for Admin, Preparer, Reviewer and Client Manager (for the tax review meeting).

The automators within the workflow will update the task due dates and move the assignment of the work automatically based on the completion of the sections themselves. The template is set to kick-off, complete, advise and confirm with the client within 4 weeks (barring client slow-down or internal issues).

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