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Repeating Work

Track repeating work and compare it with performance from previous years.

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This workbook helps you answer these questions about your firm:

  1. How much work does my firm have left to do this tax season?
  2. Are we trending ahead or behind where we were last year?
  3. Where in the process is the work and who is it assigned to?

About the Repeating Work workbook

The Repeating Work workbook allows you to manage just that: repeating work, like tax and monthly bookkeeping.

Unlike the Work Outstanding workbook (which helps you see all work that’s due), the Repeating Work workbook manages your progress and compares it with previous years.

This is a critical path to determining and identifying:

  • Whether your are ahead of schedule
  • Whether you are behind schedule
  • Where each piece of work sits
  • Any potential bottlenecks (before issues arise)
  • How likely your firm is to complete the work on time

See the Workbook in action

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