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Download your free Karbon Workflow Training template to personalize and use in your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

Cover Design - Karbon Workflow Training

This training template is designed to give you a greater understanding of how you can use Karbon to maximize your workflows.

It guides you through:

  • Creating and using templates to automate and customize your workflows
  • Streamlining your client communication with Client Tasks
  • The basics of using the repeat work scheduler to optimize your SOPs

This training is ideally a follow-up from the Karbon Champion Training and will take a full 60-minutes.

To learn how to use this template in action, watch this short video

Download the Template

Download your Karbon Workflow Training template now.

  • .XLSX File

Add to Karbon

Get more out of this template by adding it to Karbon, including:

  • Time and Budget Estimates
  • Task Automation
  • Client Task Automation
  • Client Work Scheduling