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Initial Financial Planning Meeting


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A preview of the 'Initial Financial Planning Meeting' templateInitial Financial Planning MeetingCLIENT TASKSBook your financial planning meeting1 AutomatorPlease schedule your financial planning meeting — [insert your online calendar app link here e.g. meeting4 AutomatorsSecure meeting with client (send agenda, meeting invite and virtual meeting room) and remind themCompletedAdvise client7 AutomatorsComplete initial financial planning meeting (prep, conduct meeting, follow-up with client, create work items)Completed

This template is designed to guide you through client outreach to conduct the initial financial planning meeting.

It includes a client task ready for your online calendar link. If you don't use an online calendar, you can replace the client task provided with the following text: "Please schedule your financial planning meeting by providing us some dates/ times that work best for you".

The start date is the date of client outreach and the due date is completion of the financial planning meeting and creation of appropriate work items (set as 7 days later). The work assignee is the Admin.

This template is part of the Financial Planning Pack.

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