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A preview of the 'Initial Advisory Setup' templateInitial Advisory SetupReady to Start2 AutomatorsSchedule Kick Off meeting (include an agenda)CompletedKick-off (step 1)5 AutomatorsPrepare the numbers for the Kick Off meeting (financials and benchmark data)CompletedPrepare client's basic financials overview for 2 years' historicalCompletedPrepare benchmark dataCompletedKick-off (step 2)

Courtesy of LivePlan, this process includes a one-time upfront set up, and then moves to a very lean monthly advising set of tasks (ongoing monthly process). Over time, the monthly advisory checklist evolves to include more items related to growth and opportunity, as the financial tracking becomes more straight forward.

This method assumes no specific software is being used, but there are links to support guides and references to LivePlan software as examples in select tasks.

The start date is the date of scheduling the kick-off meeting (commitment to move forward) and the due date is 38 days later. The first task is owned by Admin.

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