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GST/HST Return (Managed)


Download your free GST/HST Return (Managed) template to personalize and use in your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

A preview of the 'GST/HST Return (Managed)' templateGST/HST Return (Managed)Prep GST/HST return3 AutomatorsPrep the GST/HST returnCompletedCheck CRA Represent a Client — bank reconciliation is reconciled for the time period in question (monthly/quarterly)CompletedRun GST/HST report and/or calculate the return detailsCompletedComplete self-review and confirm balance (owed/refunded)CompletedReview7 AutomatorsReview GST/HST returnReady To StartDue Today

This template is Karbon's best practice process for completing a monthly, quarterly or annual GST/HST return.

If not a harmonized return, you must also complete and file PST or QST with the appropriate provincial jurisdiction. Check the GST/HST/PST/QST details.

The start date is the day you want to begin the prep of the GST/HST return and the due date is 5 days later.

This assumes that the client is managed internally and no validation of up-to-date bookkeeping from the client is needed.

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