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Download your free Form 1099 Tracking (US) template to personalize and use in your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

A preview of the 'Form 1099 Tracking by VProVantage' templateForm 1099 Tracking by VProVantageStep 1: W-9 Request Tracking / Verifying3 AutomatorsEnter Vendor name as a nested task belowCompleted[Vendor name]CompletedStep 2: 1099 Contractors (W-9 received and on file)5 AutomatorsProcess each identified Vendor above for 1099sCompleted[Vendor name]CompletedStep 3: Separate Contractors of who receive and don't receive 1099s

Each year, accounting practices in the US are required to track countless 1099 Forms reporting their clients' income. A process to keep track of forms for every client who may require a 1099 is very important.

This is the template VProVantage use to track their 1099s for the year, Form W-9s they have requested, and to keep data for those who don't need a 1099, and those who are required to get one.

It isn't your traditional checklist—using Karbon, they drag and drop checklist items to different sections as they progress, and the Work always remains in Planned Status, with a Due Date of Jan 15th of the following year.

VProVantage, LLC provide professional bookkeeping, payroll, small business and personal financial services to individuals and businesses throughout Atlanta, Georgia. They understand the unique relationship of the finances of the small business owner and their personal financials, and strive to ensure those unique needs are attended to.

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