Thriveal inspires counter-cultural firm owners to embrace their entrepreneurial creativity within the profession. They are a community of entrepreneurial leaders that seek to transform the lives of firm entrepreneurs, providing them with programs, events and resources to help better-lead their teams and run their businesses. Over two decades ago, founder Jason M Blumer, CPA, began the experiment of entrepreneurship in his father’s firm. Through the ups and downs (and the failed attempts to quit), he found his grounding in other people. Other people to ask questions of, to lean on, to cry with, and to search for the answer as to why firm entrepreneurship can be so hard. Born out of a real journey, a passion emerged to educate, encourage, and create a safe community where firm entrepreneurs can struggle, grow, find hope, and be challenged to get back up again (and again). By leading their own advisory firm, partners Jason Blumer and Julie Shipp understand the journey of the entrepreneur. They live it out every day.

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