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Business Tax Return (Form 1120)


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A preview of the 'Business Tax Return (Form 1120)' templateBusiness Tax Return (Form 1120)Extension (available if needed; skip otherwise)1 AutomatorFile an extension (available here if needed at any time during the process)CompletedReady to Start3 AutomatorsEnsure the business tax return is ready to be worked on (and move into production with the Preparer)CompletedReceive the signed engagement letter (and other client documents)CompletedConfirm access to the client's financialsCompletedConfirm completion of the year-end review workCompletedPreparation

A best practice process to prepare, assemble, review and file a corporate tax return in the US (form 1120).

This template was built based on the workflows of several different accounting firms—it is split into nine sections and outlines critical details for each step, including owner, duration and due dates.

This best practice template was featured in the webinar: How to handle tax season in Karbon. Watch the video to learn how you can set up, standardize and automate this workflow in Karbon, and realize gains in efficiency that will save your employees at least 13 hours each week during tax season.

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