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Business Activity Statement (Unmanaged)


Download your free Business Activity Statement (Unmanaged) template to personalize and use in your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

A preview of the 'Business Activity Statement (Unmanaged)' templateBusiness Activity Statement (Unmanaged)CLIENT TASKSReady to start your BAS1 AutomatorPlease confirm your accounting file has been reconciled and up-to-date. Mark this task as complete to confirm.CompletedPrep5 AutomatorsComplete the Activity Statement prep in your preferred accounting software — — https://qbo.intCompletedCheck bank reconciliation is reconciled up to the end of the periodCompletedRun GST report and/or calculate PAYG returnCompletedPrepare the Activity StatementCompletedReconcile the PAYG and/or GST returnReady To StartDue Today

This workflow is the best practice process for completing a monthly or quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) for clients whose books you are not managing.

Once you have completed your first work item, be sure to place the BAS work item on a monthly or quarterly work schedule. Learn how to schedule work in Karbon.