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30 Job Interview Questions for your Accounting Firm


Download your free 30 Job Interview Questions for your Accounting Firm template to personalize and use in your bookkeeping or accounting firm.

A preview of the '30 Job Interview Questions for your Accounting Firm' template30 Job Interview Questions for your Accounting FirmQuestions to identify if the candidate has the necessary skills“Tell me about a time you had a measurable impact on your previous accounting firm, or last job?”Completed“Describe a professional situation when you made a mistake or failed at something.”Completed“If a client emails you asking for something that is outside of your skill level, how would you handle it?”Completed“What accounting software, systems or apps have you used in the past?”Completed“Where do you go to learn about new technology?”Completed“What accounting reports are you comfortable preparing, comparing and analyzing?”Ready To StartDue Today“Give me an example of the last time you provided an amazing client experience.”Ready To StartDue Today“What is the biggest problem you have solved for a client?”Ready To StartDue Today“If you started with our firm tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would suggest to help our practice grow?”Ready To StartDue Today

We spoke with a number of partners and managers from different high-performing accounting firms to find the top questions they ask when hiring new candidates. This template includes 30 for you to pick and choose from.

Your best opportunity to learn and analyze a candidate for a vacant role in your practice is the job interview. This is your chance to learn about their skills and experience, and also find out whether they have the right personality and attitude that will make them a good fit for the role, and your firm's culture. So it is critical that you ask the right questions that will shed some light on these attributes.

For more detail on each of these interview questions, read our article that explores the 30 interview questions to help you identify the best candidate.

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