What do clients want? (what accounting services to offer)

Wayne and Dave McKinlay from Crunchboards discuss what services accounting firms offer and how are they valued by their clients.

Crunchboards and Sleeter found the key reasons for clients to leave an accounting practice are:

  • My accountant is reactive, not proactive

  • My accountant has poor responsiveness

  • I was recommended another accountant by someone I trust

What do clients want? from Karbon on Wistia.

Besides discussing ways to prevent this, the focus of the webinar was to understand how you can add value to your clients, and whether accounting firms are focusing on those services that truly matter.

Starting at the top with ‘business planning’, Dave shared the top five most requested accounting services, as well as the top5 least requested services, with ‘outsourced bookkeeping’ at the top.

Watch the webinar to understand what are the services that will have the highest impact to your bottom line and what are the tools you can leverage to make it happen without a massive investment.

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