Offboarding a client

When a client parts ways with your firm, there are several tasks to consider. This is the process used by BOSS to offboard their clients.


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All good things must come to an end, including client relationships. When a client does part ways with your practice, there are several tasks to consider to minimize complications and confusion down the track. This is the process used by London accounting firm, BOSS, to offboard their outgoing clients.

Back Office Support Solutions (BOSS) are experts in accounting and financial matters assisting all manner of London businesses. They're a paperless firm who utilize new technologies to be more efficient and transparent. Some of the systems they use include Karbon for workflow management, Xero for accounting, Receipt Bank for expense management, Dropbox for document management, Trello for project management and Workflow Max for practice software.

Some steps in this process are specific to United Kingdom accounting requirements, and the systems used at BOSS. However, this is a great example of a what needs to be considered at the end of a client relationship. It's a great starting point if your firm is looking to standardize your client offboarding process.

This process is one of three provided by BOSS, which all relate to their customer journey. You can also check out how they manage their leads and how they onboard their clients at the beginning of their relationship.