Karbon welcomes Joe Carufe

Stuart McLeodCo-Founder, Karbon
Stuart's headshot. He's wearing a white collared shirt, has graying hair, and the background is a blurry green and brown tree.

Our mission at Karbon is to enable accountants around the world to deliver exceptional outcomes. That requires much more than building software.

It requires close relationships with firm owners and their teams to truly understand their pain points and going on the journey with them to help them overcome those and achieve their goals.

Partnering with them, providing guidance, sharing experience and expertise, listening to their needs to help shape the Karbon platform, driving greater efficiencies, and helping them overcome whatever barriers are stopping them from reaching those goals sooner.

And that is the reason why I am so excited about the newest member of the Karbon team.

After more than five years as a Karbon customer, I am delighted that Joe Carufe is joining us as our Director of Services.

We have worked closely with Joe since he became one of Karbon’s very first customers in 2016, and have admired the pivotal contribution he made to the success of Two Roads and then System Six.

Joe is one of the most innovative thinkers and leaders I’ve come across in the accounting industry. If there’s a problem with systems, processes, growth or profitably that he doesn’t have a solution for, I’m yet to hear it.

The Karbon Services team exists to help our customers reach their fullest potential. And this new role will expand our ability to build closer relationships with even more customers and do all we can to solve their problems.

I couldn’t think of a more perfect person for Karbon’s first Director of Services than Joe.

Stuart McLeod
Co-Founder, Karbon

Stuart started his first business 13 years ago and has had many successful ventures, including Paycycle, founded in 2009, which he sold to Xero in 2011. He then built the global Xero Payroll team that delivers payroll software across the US, AU, UK and NZ markets. In 2015, Stuart co-founded Karbon, and served as CEO until 2023. He remains an advisor, board member, and investor.

Stuart's headshot. He's wearing a white collared shirt, has graying hair, and the background is a blurry green and brown tree.

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