May 12, 2019

Today we have released a range of improvements across the app. 

Redesigned work header

The header at the top of every work item has been given a new lick of paint. Added charts and color make it much easier for you to see how the work item is progressing as it nears its due date.

Work header

Acknowledgments on comments

Sometimes you don't have anything to add to a colleague's comment, but you want to show them you agree or that you've read it. That's why we've added an acknowledgment action that you can add to any comment across the app.

Hover cursor to add acknowledgement

We've purposely kept it simple—a single 'thumbs up' icon. If you disagree or need to say something else, we think that warrants an explanation in a new comment.

Multiple team members can add their acknowledgment to the same comment and if you want to see who has done this, just hover your cursor over it.

See who has added an acknowledgment

Reminders on a Client Task are now limited to 5

A limit has been applied to the number of reminders that will auto-send for a single Client Task. After the fifth reminder to your client, they'll now stop. This has been implemented to reduce the likelihood of your emails to clients being flagged by SPAM filters. 

If you want to override this limit, you can re-send the Client Tasks and the count will start again.

Address field changes

Contact addresses are now stored in multiple fields, rather than one single field.