August 6, 2018

Today we have released some handy enhancements to notes in Karbon. You can now add internal comments against any note, which means that commenting is now possible on all of your most important items in Karbon—making it a truly collaborative platform for you and your team. Other enhancements to notes are very similar to the recent changes we have made to tasks and emails.

Amongst other updates, we have improved the way Karbon loads large numbers of email in Triage, given you control over when automatic client task emails send, and added a link to your subscription details in Practice Settings.

Add comments and notify colleagues on notes

You can now add internal comments on any note in Karbon, just like you can on an email or task. In these comments, you can share files, notify chosen team members by @mentioning them, and carry out discussions in threads—whether the note relates to a client, work item, or both.

As part of this change, all previous replies to your existing notes have been migrated into comments.

Note comment

New interface for notes

As you can see in the image above, the design of notes has been improved, making them very similar to how your emails and tasks look. Most notably, tasks now have three side panels for general information (assignee, to-do date, due date, status, notification preference), timelines (the piece of work or contact that the note is associated with), and colleagues (all team members who have access to that work item and task).

Note titles

You can now give a title to any note. Think of this as your note's subject line—a useful way to see at-a-glance what is being discussed.

Opt in or out of note notifications

If you are an active participant in a note comment thread, are mentioned by another colleague, or you are the note's assignee, you will be notified in Triage of any updates to that note. With a new toggle, you can turn these notifications off (but you'll still be notified when a team member @mentions you), or you can opt-in to receive notifications about other notes that you are not already a part of.

Intuitive Triage notifications for notes

The information panels outlined above are particularly useful for giving the note context when you are viewing it as a Triage notification. Before you expand the notification, you'll also see details at-a-glance of the note's work item and/or related contact.

Note comment Triage notification

Note activity history

Notes now give you a full audit history of any activity updates. This includes details and time that a status or assignee was changed.

Client task auto-sending

A new setting lets you specify what time of day your automatic client tasks and reminders will be sent to clients.

Client Task settings

Triage paging

The way Triage presents a large number of emails has been improved. Previously, emails loaded as you scrolled down your page. Now, Triage will load 50 items at once, meaning your performance will be a lot better. If you want to view older emails, you can jump to a previous page.

Subscription link

You'll now find a subscription link in your Practice Settings area. This is a quick way for you to manage your account invoices and payment details. Note, you'll need to be listed as an Admin to access Practice Settings and Subscriptions.