Are you achieving double-digit, year-over-year revenue growth? Are you and your team meeting your quarterly and yearly goals? Is your client NPS (Net Promoter Score) best-in-class (or even measured)? Increased profits, predictable revenue, and higher satisfied clients come from a solid firm strategy that is an extension of the partners who built the firm and bolstered by the modern techniques and tools to derive the most value from the firm itself.

In this two part, 12 lecture series, you will the discover yourself, derive your firm’s foundation, put a proper business plan and strategy in place, and understand your firm from your clients’ perspective while learning how to value price, adopt advisory services, and innovate; and most of all, you will learn how to measure success in today’s modern firm.

Lectures commence August 29th and run weekly for 24 weeks (12 weeks each course.) Spaces are limited.

Primary lecturers

Bruce Phillips

Founder and CEO, HPC


Bruce A. Phillips is a seasoned CPA and a passionate advocate for cloud technology. Having not only run his CPA firm for 25 years, but also serving as a CFO and COO of tech start-ups, he was an early adopter of cloud technology for accounting and other businesses. A well-known name in the SaaS industry, Bruce has been a key beta tester for several cloud technologies and was profiled as early as 2010 by several key players in the industry.

Full profile

Carla Caldwell

Founder of Caldwell Consulting & Training


Carla Caldwell works with business owners (especially non-profits) to bridge the gap between growing business and specific accounting solutions. She also helps accounting and bookkeeping firms implement the tools that help them be more successful—from value pricing and process development to the apps that support their systems.

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Guest lecturers

Adrian is a Practicing Fellow of VeraSage Institute, an avid imaginer of how to make business more human, and helping accountants transform to enable stronger, more focused businesses.

Business builder, consultant, and Business Development Director at Slipstream Coaching, Sharon's passion is helping accounting firms develop multidisciplinary businesses and find their niche.

With 25 years experience in tech & processes, 15 years of leadership experience in the accounting industry & a prior UC Berkeley lecturer, Ian is an expert in practice efficiency and growth.

A successful entrepreneur, Stuart is on a mission to positively change the accounting industry, helping accountants run efficient, high growth firms and deliver outstanding service to their clients.

Tim has been advising clients for over 26 years at Change, his accounting firm. Change is 100% cloud firm and is proud to not use timesheets. Tim also created ChangeGPS, to help hundreds of accounting firms make things easier and faster for their clients.


Practice Strategy 101 and Practice Strategy 102 make up Karbon Academy's Practice Strategy track.

Both courses include:

  • Six, 1-hour live lectures, including Q&A with the lecturers
  • Six, 1-hour live discussion and execution sessions
  • On-demand access to all lectures & discussion sessions
  • Course workbook plus structured firm work
  • Up to 12 CPE credits (US only) and 12 CPD credits (Canada and Australia)

Every lecture will be followed by the related discussion session the following week.

If you miss a lecture or discussion group, they will be recorded and provided to you on-demand after the class has concluded. All classes will be held weekly on Tuesdays at 2 PM PST (time for you).


Strategy 101
An overview of strategy for today’s modern, progressive accounting firm.

Introspective (You & Your Firm)
Understanding what lies beneath is critical to developing the foundational strategy on top. Understand the personality, strengths, and weaknesses of the staff and firm; how it applies; how to leverage; and how to mitigate.

Firm Foundations
Do you love what you do? What is your passion and purpose in life? Discover and derive your firm’s foundations by defining your value proposition, mission, vision, values and purpose.

Business Planning
With horizon planning you will translate your new future vision to 1, 3, and 5 year objectives ensuring you are balanced to tackle the now while enabling your firm to thrive in the future.

Strategy & Execution (OGSM & OKRs)
From your 1 year vision, break down your objectives and goals to measurable and ownable strategies and tactics that you can track quarter to quarter, and delegate to yourself and across your firm.

Strategic Reporting (AaaS)
The classic metrics of realization and utilization won’t cut it in the modern firm. Learn the new metrics and what they mean when driving an Accounting As A Service practice.

How to of Value Pricing
Practical, practical, practical. Learn the ten steps to value pricing while focusing in on what services to bundle and what prices you should offer.

The Value Conversation
Capturing value starts and ends with how you communicate with prospects. Learn the ins and outs of how to conduct the value conversation.

Advisory Services
With automation, the move is to higher level services like advisory work. Learn from experts on what they offer and how they do it.

Client E2E Experience
Think from the client’s perspective to obtain positive word-of-mouth and negative churn. Measure your Net Promoter Score (NPS) to know what’s working, what isn’t, and what and how to change.

In a crowded market, differentiation is key. Differentiation relies on innovation. Learn how to think differently and get the tools to experiment and test rapidly to offer what others can’t.

Change Management
Putting a strategy together is one thing, putting it into practice is another. Learn the 8 steps to change management to get the entire firm to accept and adopt.


By enrolling to the full Strategy track (STR-101 & 102) you save 25%.

Classes begin August 28th and spaces are limited so enroll today to secure your place. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Karbon Academy for any reason, simply email us at academy@karbonhq.com or call (510) 517-6267 within 30 days of the first lecture for a full refund of the class.

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