Do you want to grow your practice? Hiring a marketing or BDM person into your firm just isn’t enough. And it isn’t just about more clients, but rather, the right clients. Do you want to get 20% or higher year of year revenue growth? To grow consistently, you need to construct a well-thought through marketing strategy, know the clients you want to market and sell to, and put the critical components in-place to attract and close those clients will help you build a healthy, thriving firm.

In this FREE lecture, get an overview of the entire six lecture Growth 101 (GWT-101) course and get a guided journey across marketing strategy, finding a niche, retention marketing, and web marketing.


Primary lecturers

Ian Vacin

VP Education & Partnerships, Karbon


Ian is passionate about helping accounting professionals be as successful as possible in order to positively impact the small businesses they serve. With 25+ years of experience in technology & process improvement and 15+ years of leadership experience in the accounting industry at Karbon, Xero, and Intuit, Ian is an recognized expert, innovator and teacher in the field of practice efficiency and growth.

Full profile

Guest lecturers

Business builder, consultant, and Business Development Director at Slipstream Coaching, Sharon's passion is helping accounting firms develop multidisciplinary businesses and find their niche.

A successful entrepreneur, Stuart is on a mission to positively change the accounting industry, helping accountants run efficient, high growth firms and deliver outstanding service to their clients.

A legend in the industry, Wayne's wealth of experience in transforming accounting practices and boosting growth through technology, marketing and growth hacking is second to none.

Working with leading firms around the world, James helps practices become more profitable and systemize their processes to deliver maximum value and memorable service to their clients.

Tim has been advising clients for over 26 years at Change, his accounting firm. Change is 100% cloud firm and is proud to not use timesheets. Tim also created ChangeGPS, to help hundreds of accounting firms make things easier and faster for their clients.


This course is part of the Lecture+ plan and includes the following activities and materials:

  • Pre-work exercise
  • On-demand lecture
  • Lecture slides (PDF)
  • Firmwork exercise

If interested, you can also choose from the Lecture Only or Group Live plans.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define the marketing and sales funnel
  • List the three pillars of what makes your firm unique
  • Understand the foundations of messaging and marketing strategy
  • Define the term social proof
  • List the key aspects of digital marketing
  • Know which additional Growth 101 lecture is right for you and your firm.

Additional lectures

"Overview of Practice Growth" is the first lecture of the Growth (GWT-101) course. In this six part lecture series, you will learn how to develop a marketing strategy, find your niche, determine your unique selling proposition, market your practice, and build a superior online presence. The full course curriculum includes:

  • Lecture 1: Overview of practice growth
  • Lecture 2: Find your niche
  • Lecture 3: Marketing strategy
  • Lecture 4: Referral marketing
  • Lecture 5: Websites
  • Lecture 6: Search engine optimization


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