Every accounting firm is different, with different markets, different strengths and different weaknesses, but everyone in the industry faces similar core challenges. What sets successful accountants and bookkeepers apart is how they approach those challenges, the tools they use to enact change, and the structures and systems they have in place to implement.

This is why Karbon Academy focuses on four key areas: strategy, management, efficiency and growth.

Karbon Academy offers a range of courses designed to help accountants and bookkeepers learn tools and tactics to boost their careers and have a positive impact in their firms. You will learn actionable frameworks, be inspired with real stories and examples, and be a part of a network of like-minded accountants and bookkeepers from around the world (while earning 1 CPE/CPD credit per lecture, and up to 14 CPE/CPD credits per course).


Focused on empowering your professional growth, Karbon Academy courses cover core challenges facing accounting professionals in today’s industry and looking to the future.

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“Karbon Academy is geared towards re-tooling accountants as entrepreneurs and true business owners to help them navigate the transition that's happening all around us.”

Adrian Simmons
Practicing Fellow of VeraSage Institute

10Barriers handling growth

Lecturers & Facilitators

Meet the movers, the shakers, and the accounting industry leaders enlisted to share their real-world experience, knowledge and insights.

Adrian is a Practicing Fellow of VeraSage Institute, an avid imaginer of how to make business more human, and helping accountants transform to enable stronger, more focused businesses.

A seasoned CPA, early adopter and advocate of cloud technology in accounting and business, Bruce is passionate about driving the advancement of the accounting industry.

Carla Caldwell, founder of Caldwell Consulting & Training, strategically guides accounting teams to become a modern practice.

With 25 years experience in tech & processes, 15 years of leadership experience in the accounting industry & a prior UC Berkeley lecturer, Ian is an expert in practice efficiency and growth.

Working with leading firms around the world, James helps practices become more profitable and systemize their processes to deliver maximum value and memorable service to their clients.

Focused on helping entrepreneurs spend less time in bookkeeping and more time growing their business, Joe's deep understanding of workflow will ensure your practice efficiency is second to none.

Managing technology products for accountants around the world for the last 10 years, Sara has a unique understanding of their needs and pain points when it comes to running an efficient practice.

Business builder, consultant, and Business Development Director at Slipstream Coaching, Sharon's passion is helping accounting firms develop multidisciplinary businesses and find their niche.

Technologist and founder of accounting firm Growthwise, Steph is on a mission to help accountants collaborate, challenge and learn from each other to shape the future of the accounting industry.

A successful entrepreneur, Stuart is on a mission to positively change the accounting industry, helping accountants run efficient, high growth firms and deliver outstanding service to their clients.

Tim has been advising clients for over 26 years at Change, his accounting firm. Change is 100% cloud firm and is proud to not use timesheets. Tim also created ChangeGPS, to help hundreds of accounting firms make things easier and faster for their clients.

A legend in the industry, Wayne's wealth of experience in transforming accounting practices and boosting growth through technology, marketing and growth hacking is second to none.

“Super excited about KA! Humbled to be included as a lecturer alongside absolute rockstars in the accounting industry. The content is amazing and a must for any accountant or bookkeeper who wants to make 2018 their best year yet.”

Steph Hinds
Founder, Growthwise

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