Changing the accrual world

Social Accounting

Take the pledge and join forward-thinking accountants in a new era of accounting. They are helping businesses become forces for good and are guiding their clients to achieve a triple bottom line: people, planet and profits.


For the last century, the accounting industry has focused on business compliance. But now, with the fourth industrial revolution and tech advancements, accountants have the opportunity to be more than just compliance agents.

What is the Social Accounting Program?

The Social Accounting Program is a global community of social impact accountants who are dedicated to helping their clients be purposeful, community-minded, and kinder to the planet.

This support network provides tools and training to help social accountants assess their clients’ social impact, create sustainability goals, implement a plan, and then track efforts to drive accountability.

What’s involved?

  • Register for this webinar to learn more and take the first step in your pledge to become a social impact accountant
  • Join the training to gain access to the community and learn how to get started
  • Embed social impact accounting as part of your service offering
  • Create trackable impact goals for your clients and drive accountability
  • Share your learnings and your clients’ impact with the social accounting community
  • Change the world and be recognized as a social impact accountant

Register for a introductory virtual meeting

Register for a webinar to learn more about the program, and take the first step to becoming a social impact accountant.