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With Karbon, all communication between staff and clients is in one place, where you can work on it together with your team. Easily turn emails, notes and jobs into actionable tasks and assign them to your colleagues, define standard workflows for the team and everyone can track work as it progresses.

Your team will spend less time asking who knows what—with Karbon everyone knows exactly who said what and when. They know what they need to work on now, and what’s coming up next. Your practice will run smoother and smarter, and your clients will get faster and better service.

All this allows you to focus on the areas of your firm that matter most—generating leads, onboarding new clients and growing your practice.

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Top benefits

Enjoy your work

Collaborate with your team, get your work done faster together and free yourself to focus on the areas of your practice that matter most.

Increase your revenue

With a more efficient and productive team, you can onboard new clients, upsell higher-value services and get revenue through the door faster.

Scale your practice

Take the pain out of growing and do more with less. With the right processes in place you can increase revenue, and scale your practice.

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“This may be the single greatest piece of technology I've ever personally worked with. It actually works the way we need it to work.”

Danie Ives
Adjusted Balance Inc.
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